Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ready, Set .. Clinicals!

Tomorrow will be my first clinical day. I'm nervous and excited. I've gone through clinicals before - I'm a certified medical assistant and a certified unit health coordinator. For both of those programs I had to complete clinical hours although it was only around 200 compared to the 1800 that I'll have racked up by the end of my radiography program.

We did have a chance to meet with our clinical instructors last semester during an orientation. Some places throw you in right from the start - the site where I'll be at seems to be a bit more laid back. The CI talked about us having a whole week to get our toes wet, as it were, but he said that after that week, he expects to see progress! We learned about chest, upper and lower extremities (elbow down and knee down) last semester so those are the exams we'll be comping and certing on. We're also expected to observe the procedures we'll be learning about in future classes.

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T2 said...

FIRST DAY,EH? Ever play Madden NFL? You know how it has beginner and advanced? Well, thats the difference between simulation w/ the instructor and being out there with real patients. It may overwhelm you at first, but it will all come together