Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Slowly the certs are adding up. I scored both a finger and an AP cart the other day. Unfortunately, my program only allows students to have one cert per day. I had done the AP cart in the morning and then, in the afternoon, a finger came along. I've been at the site since the 2nd week of January and this is only the second or third time I recall seeing a finger order come in. So, since the fingers come along rarely and AP carts are almost every day, I chose to go with the finger.

Knees and elbows have been kind of scarce, too, but I had a chance today to practice on both. In school, we learned to do an AP, Oblique and Lat knee routine. At my clinical site, however, the routine is AP, Lat, sunrise and tunnel. I think I'm comfortable enough now with doing the sunrises and tunnels that I can try and cert on the next knee that comes along. Today's elbow was the first one I've done and it was pretty darn good. The lateral could've been better, but my patient was also limited in what they could give me.

As each week begins, I try to think of a weekly goal. This week my goal was to get my AP cart, which I did, and then didn't. Hopefully one will come through tomorrow. I'm also trying to really think about techniques - what to use and how to adjust for circumstances when doing portables and what to use in the rooms if the digital system didn't have techniques preset. I've gotten very comfortable with the digital system and, unfortunately, not really paying attention to the technique used. I don't want to be a button-pusher.

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