Friday, March 7, 2008

Hands Down

This was a good week for me! I got my elusive hand cert. I also had a tib-fib and elbow come in this past week which I was able to cert on. I'm now ready to start comping in both upper and lower extremity and I finished off my week by getting my ankle comp. By the end of the month I need 7 more comps and I may actually end up making it.

I feel like I've done more portables this week than I have in a while. Before I would have said that I could do them, but I'm not comfortable with them. Now, though, I feel like I have a better idea of what I'm doing and it's becoming easier to figure out the angle of the tube in regards to the patient position. And it's also getting easier to manhandle the tube into place! Another thing I feel I'm getting better at is picking which technique I'm going to use.

My next goal is to try to speed up my exams. I tend to futz around with my positioning a lot longer than I need to and, honestly, I think all my futzing isn't really enough to change the image I'm going to get. I have noticed this week that one of the techs will start rotoring when he feels I've been in there long enough. One of the speakers at the ACERT conference I attended last month referred to the rotor as a "student motivational device" and I have to laugh because it's true. I hear the rotor go and BAM I'm out of the room.

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John Setzler said...

I understand your issues with speed. I have the same problems, especially on exams that I don't have as much experience with. That's just part of the confidence you will gain over time. I do tend to overthink certain exams, but it's in an effort to make sure I get it right rather than having to do it over again.