Thursday, May 8, 2008

Man, don't you hate it when you visit a blog and it looks like it's been abandoned? Me too! Sorry to leave things hanging ... I kept thinking I should post something and then I would get busy.

So, last episode I was ready to start classes again. I finished a 6 week session and next week will start another 6 week session. This past 6 weeks we covered the shoulder girdle, bony thorax and pelvic girdle/hip in positioning, and the upper and lower GI systems in contrast class. The next 6 weeks in positioning will be skull and spine and contrast starts with the urinary system and I'm not sure where we're going to go from there.

It's been quite challenging balancing school and clinicals - I'm looking forward to later this summer when we'll have another stretch of nothing but clinicals and I can let my brain rest and just concentrate on putting into practice all that's just been crammed into it. I think part of what I'm finding so hard is the pacing. Last semester we had about a month to learn each section: chest, upper extremity (elbow down) and lower extremity (knee down). This semester, it's all going by so FAST. I don't feel like I've really absorbed it all yet.

Once I'm able to cert on my shoulder, then I will be eligible to take the limited scope radiography exam. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that. My site does not hire PTs and I don't know if I want to try to hold down a part time PT position elsewhere because it seems like it would be a lot on my plate, with clinicals and classes. However, one of the techs at my site thought I should go ahead and take it. He said that it gives you a feel for what the "real" registry exam will be like and that it could be beneficial, as far as getting that first RT job, if you are already a PT.

So I think that brings everything up to date!

Today was an awesome day at clinicals. I was able to go down to the ER, where I haven't been for the past couple of weeks. I got several abdomen/KUBs and I'm ready to cert on the next pelvis that comes my way. Also got to brush up on some extremity skills. Tib/fibs don't come by very often but a combo tib/fib-knee exam came up so I was glad to have the opportunity to practice on that.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. One of the community colleges has started a new rad program - this is their first class and one of their students will be starting at my clinical site. I know of her from someone else I exchange messages with on a radiography forum so I'm eager to actually meet her in person!

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