Sunday, June 22, 2008

Short but Sweet

I'm finished with classes until August. I have learned the entire skeletal system and also the urinary, biliary, upper and lower GI systems. I'll be in clinicals 40 hours a week this summer and I'll be practicing all of that as well as getting introduced to the OR. In that area, we're allowed to work on choles, retrograde pyelograms and ERCPs.

I am eligible at this point to take the practical technologist exam. I was waffling on whether or not to take it but one of the techs at my site encouraged me to go ahead and do it. He said that it's good practice for taking the RT and also with having the PT license, there is a potential to find a job and get some experience. I have all the paperwork together and I'll be sending in my application tomorrow.


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wildwestcats said...

This is from an embarrassingly long time ago - I would love to exchange links with you, though!