Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Desert Bar

A friend told me about a place just outside of Parker, AZ - a bar out in the middle of nowhere. It sounded like such a Burning Man kind of thing that I had to check it out.

Go through Parker on Hwy 95 and you'll come to a turn off for Cienega Springs Rd. Take that and drive until you reach the end. It'll be about 5 miles of rough riding. There are signs posted stating that the road is primitive. I drove it in my Hyundai Sonata with no problems but you have to go SLOW. You'll wonder where in the heck this road is leading and if you'll ever get to the end. Then suddenly you'll see what looks to be a church steeple in the distance. You have reached The Desert Bar.

 Once you park, you can get up close to the "church." It's not an actual building but more of a facade.

 Floor inside the church:

You have to walk across the covered bridge to get to the bar proper. The bridge crosses over a lower area where there is seating, a stage and also where you order food. I've heard the tri tip is excellent but it was sold out by the time I got there. I opted for a pastrami on rye and it was delicious.

Furniture and landscape ornaments made with horseshoes

Seating area on the main level. You can order some basic grilled items here (hot dogs, burgers) but if you want cheese on anything you have to order from the downstairs grill instead. To the left is a bar where you can buy canned beer. The Bud Light seemed to be a popular choice among patrons when I was there. To the right is a stage where they have a band playing. The day I was there it was the Second Hand Killers, a bluesy rock band. They were very entertaining! 

Some views from the upper level of the bar area

There is a variety of old vehicles on the property

View from the ladies room

The original Desert Bar

Old equipment is scattered all around the property

 Check out their website - there's a lot of information on the creation of the Desert Bar. If you're planning on visiting, be aware that the Bar has very limited hours. It is open Saturday and Sunday only from noon to 6 pm from October to April.

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