Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey Stranger....

My poor little blog has been ignored! Well, I'm back. It was interesting to read through my past posts and see where I've been and what I've done.

So, to catch anyone up who may still be reading...

School has kept me pretty busy through the last couple of semesters. Things are winding down and on May 15th I will be graduating!

I did take the limited scope exam in August and in January of this year I started working part time at an urgent care clinic as a PTR (limited tech) but I also do back office medical assistant duties. I am certified as an MA - that was something I did while I was on the waiting list for the RT program and it has come in handy! I love my job and thankfully they will hire me on full time when I graduate and as an RT once I pass my boards.

The machine I'm working on is a trip - it's a vintage 1988 Raytheon single phase DINOSAUR. My control panel is all dials, buttons, gauges and *fractions* on the time station. The hospital where I do my clinicals is not even 2 years old and all the equipment is shiny new and either CR or digital. Even my school doesn't have equipment quite this antique. I was in shock when I first saw what I'd be working on. It is hooked up to a Kodak Orex CR system, so I'm not totally back in the dark ages.

We took a mock boards exam at school and I got an 84%, which I was pretty happy with. I bought a subscription to and I like the way they have their sample testing set up. I'm not too worried about boards because I already took the limited exam and the full boards is just that plus the fluoro and other body parts. I sent in my application last week and hopefully I'll be able to get my test date soon.

So, that's the update for now!


Gaile said...

congrats on passing the limited exam, and especially on getting a job all lined up!

wildwestcats said...

Thanks! I am so grateful to have a job. I was worried about that.