Monday, September 16, 2013

Thundershirt for Cats

I was at the pet store today, getting a great deal on Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter and obsessing way too long over whether the cats would prefer Mixed Grill or Original Flavor crunchy cat treats.

I happened across this on the clearance aisle and my mind just boggled: Thundershirt for cats. According to the box it is the “best solution for cat anxiety.” According to my 40+ years of cat ownership, I would think that this magical device would not only increase cat anxiety but also induce a fair amount of anxiety (and quite possibly pain and suffering) to the cat owner/foolish putter-on of said Thundershirt. It also professes to be “safe” and “effective” - two other claims I highly doubt. Other experienced cat owners may have had the same doubts, hence the Thundershirt's place on the clearance aisle.

Amazingly it gets fairly decent reviews on Amazon ... although the picture of the orange tabby rocking a Thundershirt shows a cat who is clearly not completely down with the idea of wearing it. 

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